Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spring Farm Clean-up

Upon moving back in this Spring quite a few chores had to be completed...

Repairing the Generator Shed, which had collapsed over the winter, was a top priority. The square hay bales were temporarily propped back up and the plywood roof reattached along with the tarp for water-proofing. This is only a temporary setup as the generator and the air compressor which currently reside in the little shed will be moving into the 10'x30' shed upon completion this Fall.

Fallen Limb Collection is necessary for path mowing but will also come in handy this winter when kindling is needed for the wood stove. A small kindling and wood pile will be placed immediately under the front of the micro mansion for easy access during the winter; with the larger winter supply being housed in the shed.

Outside Kitchen Up and Running was another necessity as the mice had taken it upon themselves to make little nests around the outside kitchen for shelter during the winter, not to mention the big nest that was built in the outdoor grill. Ugh! that was an undertaking to clean out.

Creating Work Benches for the New Shed will also need to be completed, but probably won't occur until late summer due to the fact that I have been called away for several weeks this summer to go help family back East.

The final Spring Clean Up item is repairing the center shed piling support. I may need a jack for this one. I found a 4-ton jack for sale online at TruValue Hardware for only $10, with a free ship-to-store offer which I will order online to help out with this project!

Walking Paths at Heather's Hollow

I spent some time this spring and early summer creating walking paths around the land, which I have fondly named "Heather's Hollow". Mini solar path lights were purchased for a $1 each and strategically placed along the walking trails. The paths were cut to curve around beautiful flowers, under and around trees, and of course by the Mulberries. At night with the lights flickering the paths looked magical, and frequently reminded me of what Fairy Paths might look like. Down behind the big Oak Tree a path was cut and a 10' dome screen room was nestled in for lunches and quiet times. The Screen Room is hidden from nearly every vantage point around the property and is a pleasant little surprise for anyone wondering along Heather's Hollow walking trails.

Mini-Bridge for Easier Move-in

This Spring, at time of move-in, the ground was still too wet to drive in and down to the MicroMansion(MM). So I gathered some fallen limbs and bridged a chasm on the land to make the walk to the MM shorter for moving in. A pallet was placed over the limbs for a sturdy walking platform for the little bridge.