Wednesday, April 24, 2013

About The Author

Heather Caldwell, a Maine native, is currently living in Fairfield, Iowa with her two teens and has been searching for tiny living opportunities for over a decade. Recently enrolled in Maharishi University of Management’s (MUM) Sustainable Living Department, Heather has met like-minded, tiny house dwellers which have fueled her passion for tiny living.

As her Senior Project, Heather is building her own tiny house and moving her little family in for an action-packed year of community building. She is currently searching for a young (newer) sustainably-living focused village in which to rest her tiny house for the year.

If Tiny House Living is your thing, intrigues you, or even scares you, join Heather as she blogs her way through her journey of structural building, family downsizing, and tiny house community building in Fairfield, Iowa-- one of the most forward and entrepreneurial towns in the country.

Heather also has another blog titled, Finding Simplicity Within, in which she shares life-simplifying tips and funny stories through heartfelt posts and reader's comments. Pack a sense of humor, it is the one thing you will need on your trip to Finding Simplicity Within.

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