Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What's the Hold UP???

Everyone has been asking what is the status of our tiny house. Well, given the rain we have had in SE Iowa over the past several weeks we are considering a slight structural modification which would morph the tiny house into an ARK!
Okay, just kidding. However, the rain (much needed) that we have had here has stalled phase II of our building process. The location of the tiny house will be out in a field by a Fairfield horse farm. We have been awaiting a break in the rain so the owners of the land can put in a gravel road.
Once the gravel road is in we will transport the framed floor and wall panels over to the site on a flatbed trailer. We will then re-erect the walls, screw them together, and then set the roof rafters. Since the ground out here in Iowa has a high clay content we have been leery of sinking while trying to get the tiny house panels out to their new home. So we've been enjoying our last bit of air conditioning and resting up for the big move and continued construction.
Ellie and I did get a chance a couple of nights ago to go out to the field where the house will be and watched the sun set. It was gorgeous! We sat on the top of the car and watched a bunny come sniff around the car inquisitively. Our first welcome from one of our new little furry neighbors. It was very exciting.
We also have been taking in some local events with the extra time on our hands. Last week we attended a Dutch oven cook-off. Boy was the food delicious. We also saw some really cool cars that were on display.
So, the next step will be to place the tiny house on concrete blocks approximately 8-12" from the ground. Hopefully the road will be in within the next week. Thank you all of your interest. We are hoping to have big work done on the tiny house over the next several weeks to share with you...

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