Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Foundation

The past couple of days I have been working on the foundation. After selecting the general site over the weekend, I walked the area and staked out the four corners of Heather's Tiny House. There are many factors to consider when selecting a final location and placement for a Tiny House. These were the Top 6 Factors, in my order of priority, for my selection process. 

Top 6 Location Considerations for a Tiny House
1. Energy Flow of the Land
2. Passive Solar Gain
3. Winter Storm & Wind Protection
4. View
5. Land Topography
6. Property Lines Set-Backs and Easements

Taking all of these factors into consideration I staked out a south-facing location which was bordered by trees in the Northwest corner.
The next step was taking landscaping cloth and covering the area where the stakes had been placed. This would provide a "clean" area from which to lay the foundation blocks and also retard an growth coming up from underneath the TH once it was in place.
Today we took three hours and set up and leveled the blocks that the TH will be set on this coming Sunday. We first took a fine limestone sand/small stone by-product to make a smooth level surface in which to place each of the pillar blocks.

The next step was to level each of the pillars so the TH would be level. Our Northeaster corner was the highest and the Southwestern corner was the lowest with a 16" difference between the two.
We had a lot of fun hauling out the limestone sand to the site and getting everything all level and then finally squared. Ironically when we first starting paying the blocks we did not have a level with us. So we came up with the brilliant idea of utilizing our water bottles as levels. We were able to completely level the blocks in place by using our water bottles alone.
 When it came to leveling each of the posts with each other the electromagnetic level came in really handy. It was a great idea to have our dog Buddy managing the process. He really kept things going smoothly!
Tomorrow or Saturday I will be sinking the wind strap anchors into the ground and get them in place for when we bring the floor and wall panels out to the site on Sunday. It is going to be a very exciting week!

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