Thursday, October 10, 2013

My First Dumpster Dive

Okay, so I HAD heard of it. But I had NEVER considered doing it. Now I have to admit that I am completely addicted to dumpster diving!
I tried my first dumpster dive a couple days ago. I had just dropped off the kids at school and was headed out to the TH work-site when I drove past a demolition dumpster with brand new plywood sticking out the top.
I U-turned and went to the house to inquire about the plywood in the dumpster. It wasn't a full 4'x8' sheet, however it was brand new and a pretty good size. After speaking with the construction foreman I discovered that not only were they dumping a bunch of good pieces of new plywood, but they also had a smorgasbord of really cool vintage items they were dumping from the house's renovation.
In the past couple days I scored some beautiful shutters with custom carving that I will strip and probably use for unique loft doors for our three bunks. I also landed some crates that I will use to construct the reading nook and guest quarters. My find also included some new and old crates. The older crates look like they were constructed from aged barn boards so I'm thinking I'll use the slats to finish the bathroom walls. 
So, as the old adage goes, Don't Knock it Until You Try It!

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