Thursday, October 10, 2013

Working in the Weather

This past week has been rewarding. Not because I got so much done, but because of what I accomplished despite the obstacles.
I ran out of recycled foam insulation so I researched some options. I called Freedom Foam in Fairfield to see if I could recycle their foam trimmings last week and was in luck. Thank you Freedom Foam... you are awesome. While I was there visiting I learned that their foam is created from recycled materials! So if your looking for blown in insulation... Freedom Foam of Fairfield is your place to go.
I ran over to a fine furniture maker in Fairfield and they offered to provide me with some sawdust, but it will not be ready for pickup until tomorrow. So then I decided to also gather some hemp to use in the interim. Luckily I have a lot of wall panels in addition to the floor panels that need insulation.
So during the past week, despite some raining and windy days, I got all but a small corner of the entire floor panel insulated and plywood installed. I cut the final piece of plywood down from a 4x8' to a 4x4'. And I also took some clear indoor/outdoor caulk and began sealing some of the cracks in between plywood sheets.
I was able to obtain a great collection of some recycled wood and hardware by a posting I placed on FaceBook, including a reused breaker box and some really great screws. I think I collected enough trim board to finish out the trim throughout.
Buddy still comes with me to the work site to make sure I'm working hard. Apparently he is not the only one keeping an eye out on me. Last week when I was at the ReStore mid-day gathering some supplies a lady that I did not know came up to me and asked me why I was out shopping and not out at the Farm building my Tiny House! I guess this is what you need to expect if you have a blog online that discloses your TH activities. Ha, it was pretty funny.

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