Friday, March 7, 2014

An Interesting Land Lease Opportunity...

For the past several days I have been reviewing properties online and over the phone with various folks. I came across an interesting prospect for a land lease but I have some research that I need to do. It is ideal timing as my preference for a four year term is acceptable.
The property is 2.6 acres and has some character. It has some rolling hills and a tree line on one side. There are a couple of fenced pastures which is also nice. The dilemma I am having is that when I looked at the property on the County website I discovered that it is surrounded by active crop fields / farmland on three sides. The fields are abutted right up against the property lines with no buffer.
I am concerned about airborne pesticides when the wind is blowing and the crops are being sprayed. Is that silly? I was planning on having rain water runoff, but I'm uncertain if the pesticides will blow upon the roof when it is windy and be washed into our water supply. We would be drinking bottled water but still the thought of bathing in pesticide laden water doesn't sound like a good idea.
I'll ask around the university to see if anyone is knowledgeable in this regard. If any readers know of any resources or have any information regarding this topic please feel free to comment below. I can use all of the help I can get on this one.

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