Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back on Track

Out of sight does not necessarily indicate out of mind. In October 2013, one year ago, I had my took my first official "Senior Project" block at MUM. As previously mentioned, my Senior Project is to build a tiny house and live in it for a year with my two teens, documenting my journey along the way.  My elbow injury last October modified my timeline and here it is October 2014 and I find myself beginning my second Senior Project block, of a total of three blocks. The final Senior Project block is November 2014 so I find myself very lucky to have an uninterrupted eight weeks to work on my Tiny House, the Universe willing.

One thing is for certain, even though I thought this would never happen to me, things do happen and building a tiny house ends up taking a lot more time than one thinks or plans. In my next several blogs I will cover what I've been doing since early March 2014 so we can catch up to today. I won't spoil the fun of the journey but I will say lots has happened and our journey into the Tiny House has taken a detour through the Micro Mansion!

Join me for a look back at the last several months of Heather's Tiny House Project.

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  1. I am glad to hear you are back to good health and building your tiny house!