Friday, September 27, 2013

Rain on my Parade

The day after I last posted, a rain storm blew through Fairfield. I had the foresight to get a large 20'x25' piece of plastic (3 mil.) to cover up the floor boards prior to the storm. I covered the floor with the plastic, then placed approximately 8-10 miscellaneous pieces of 2"x6"x2' wood, and then stapled down all of the sides of the plastic. I was so proud of my proactivity. Planning is everything, so they say.
After the rain storm I returned to my TH to find that all of the plastic had blown off and the floor cavities and insulation were soaked. Ugh!
That was nearly two weeks ago and it is suppose to rain tomorrow. So Ellie and I headed over to the TH tonight to cover it up again. This time I placed 2"x8"x14's, which are the rafters for the roof, over the plastic in an attempt to keep it from blowing off. We also disbursed the miscellaneous pieces of wood in between the rafters.
Hopefully the plastic will stay in place through the day tomorrow. If the floor boards stay dry through tomorrow I will be able to begin my Senior Project work on Monday and finish insulating the floor boards. The next projects will be erecting the walls and start placing the rafters to install the roof.
 I still haven't decided on roofing material yet. I'm trying to locate some recycled materials but I haven't had much luck. I may have to go with insulation and purlins covered by a large vinyl tarp temporarily if I can not find any recycled roofing. Ideally I would like to find some used or scrap metal roofing. I'll spend some time online this weekend looking.

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