Monday, September 2, 2013

The Tiny House Transition Plan

While we wait for the wall panels to join up with the floor panel we are making some physical and mental adjustments to get ready for our move.
The house that we are currently in is approximately 1100 sq. ft.. With our tiny house coming in at 240 sq. ft. we did not want to move in and have a unpleasant transition into a MUCH smaller space. Even if we add the loft space at the TH as square footage (3 lofts, 1@6'x8x and 2@6'x6') we are still at a small 360 sq. ft.
So, in anticipation for our move in a week or two, the three of us decided to temporarily move into  one of the bedrooms in our current house. The bedroom we moved into is approximately 10'x10' for a total of 100 sq. ft. We are using this room for all of our sleeping and daily activities except cooking and bathroom needs. We are thinking that this will enable us to feel like we have moved into a larger space when we move into the TH in a couple weeks. I can definitely feel the squeeze... especially when it comes to privacy and aligning routine schedules.
I'm wondering if any other TH goers have tried some similar strategies to assist with a smooth adaption into a TH.
One more thing to add that I am very excited about... I just began my Fall Semester of my senior year at Maharashi University of Management majoring in Sustainable Living. The course that I began today is 'Energy and Sustainability.' Not only does it look like it is going to cover a lot of awesome materials, in the afternoons we have hands on with a Sustainable Energy Project of our choice. One of the options is installing solar panels at a tiny house is Fairfield. Come to find out it will be at one of our new neighbors house out at the farm where we are setting up our TH.
Other fun options include making a solar phone charger, building a small wind turbine, and Massive Scale Solar Array Project development, just to name a few. I'm very much looking forward to taking this class instructed by Lonnie Gamble, a sustainable energy pioneer and creative guru originally from my home State of Maine. Whoop... Whoop.
Here's to a great month of learning about energy systems, some of which I hope to implement in our own TH!

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