Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All The Walls Are Up

So this morning we only had the lumber cut for framing up the South wall. It looked like, for those of you who are old enough to remember, Pixie Sticks. First thing we started organizing all of the cuts to be hammered into place.

By noon we had a lot of the South Wall framed and took a break to have some pizza then get back to work. MUM had let Kate Allt over at KTVO Channel 3, and Andy of the Fairfield Ledger, know that we would be raising all four walls this afternoon around 1:30pm. So we finished framing up the Southern wall and got all of the roof rafters and wall plates in place so when they arrived we could put and screw all the pieces together.

Sure enough, just like Mark (our instructor) said, it only took about 40 minutes to raise all the walls and screw them in place. It was amazing, exciting, and very moving (no pun intended.) It was incredible to walk inside and be able to see the tangible results my months of planning. I explained to my classmates where all of the built ins would be. It was an awesome moment, and a few of us got misty. To think, we just started the tiny house class a little over 2 weeks ago. Wow.

The next step will to place the electrical wiring in the walls for the solar panel that we will eventually build. We will then stuff the wall cavities with recycled foam insulation and hemp fiber. The next step will be to close up the wall cavities with the 1.5" pink foam board. The foam board has a double job, extra insulation and to pull the humidity point out away from the interior wall cavity to decrease the chance for moisture or mold issues.

Verde ButterflyYesterday I ordered the custom 18" polished granite countertops for the kitchen. Tonight I will be finalizing the proposal to secure the land to plant my tiny house for the next 12 months for my Senior Project of Tiny House Family Living and Community Planning and Development.

It is so exciting. My goal is to move my little family into the tiny house by June 6th. We'll soon enough see! 

Both Kate and Andy were kind enough to keep tabs on our progress and come out to the tiny house in a few weeks to see our progress. It will be fun to see their reaction again.

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