Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hind Site Is 20/20

Although I considered the whole TH land partnership event a fiasco, not all is lost. And actually, in a very short amount of time I was relieved and felt very blessed.
I was not going to blog about my TH location misfortune. However, I started this Blog to help others with the process of transitioning into THs and building TH Communities. What I learned over the weekend can certainly be a lesson for many.

Top 9 Lessons Learned
  • Be yourself
  • When people talk, listen
  • Go at your own pace 
  • If it looks, acts, and quacks like a duck... it is a duck!
  • Tiny House Communities are like family
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • Sleep on it
  • Have faith
  • Be kind

Be Yourself. Be yourself during your TH Community search, do not necessarily be overtly friendly for politeness sake. These are the people you are going to be working closely with for a long time. If you see red flags in others or yourself do not overlook them because you are hoping to make things work out.

Listen. Really listen to what people are saying and especially what they are possibly not saying.
Your Own Pace. If you are use to going slow with decisions and being very methodical then go at your own pace. Likewise, if you usually access a situation and then need to move forward as lollygagging around would drive your crazy, then move ahead and get it done. If your pace makes your wanna-be future community members crazy then it probably is not a good fit. And if it does work out, it probably won't be the most enjoyable community it could be for you.
A Duck. How many times have we seen someone's true colors just ignore them, or pretend that someone's misbehavior hasn't happened? Remember, even though you are going to be yourself during the TH Community courting process, others are most likely going to be on their best behavior. So if you see short tempers or an inability to reason, accept it for what it is and move on.
TH Community Family. The TH Community is not like any other. Although you won't be living in each other's houses, these folks are going to become like family to you. Don't try to make community with people that have major issues. Alcoholics, victims, addicts, rage-aholics, abusers, and psychotics do not make for good TH Community members... just walk away! Your perfect TH Community is somewhere out there waiting for you, just be patient.
Silver Lining. Remember, no matter how great you feel your misfortune is throughout the process, keep in the front of your thoughts that everything happens for a reason. If things do not work out something better is definitely in your future!
Sleep On It. No matter how uncomfortable a situation has appeared to become, don't make rash decisions. Get a good night sleep. It is amazing the clarity that can result from sitting on things for a little while.
Have Faith. Embrace your challenges and the lessons you learn from them. Above all have faith that everything happens for a reason and no matter how disappointing something seems, only the best can come from it.
Be Kind. No matter how difficult the journey, remember we are all part of one big whole. If others end up being completely not what you wanted or expected them to be, that is okay. Everyone is perfect for someone out there. If things end up horrible wrong, it obviously wasn't meant to be. Just be sure to depart on good terms if at all possible.
So, yes indeed. What appeared as an absolutely overwhelming disappointment over the weekend is actually a blessing in disguise. I just know it!

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