Saturday, May 11, 2013

Community Building At It's Finest...

While the construction portion of my Tiny House Project is coming right along, I have been forced to speed up my site selection process so the Tiny House (TH) has a home to go to within the next two weeks. Fairfield is an awesome town for any plethora of sustainability projects.

Lucky for me, there are several folks in Fairfield that are interested in starting up TH Developments. There is where my good friend Tom is doing a smashing job with launching his new Tiny House Community. As well, there a few other wonderful individuals in the Fairfield area that are interested in doing the same. 

While TH Community start-ups are very exciting, they are also front loaded with a heavy infrastructure time investment. My ideal situation is to work with a young community that already has it's basic infrastructure in place. This will allow me to garner as much practical application experience as possible over the next twelve months.
So my search is focused on a community somewhat minimally establish and ripe for delving into community partnership projects. The great thing about TH Communities is that they are uniquely rooted in the interests and passions of it's residents. In the Fairfield area the top of the interests list is usually Sustainability! And that is great with me :-)
In addition to Sustainabiity, other strong interests include permaculture, organic on-site farming, the arts, entertainment, communal fellowship, and local business support. Another top priority is sharing this plethora of greatness with other local and regional communities. Fairfield folks just love helping to raise awareness, sharing knowledge, educating, and sharing lessons learned.

After initial research the top three choices for my TH home is So Fair Farms, The Abundance EcoVillage, and the SEED Center. Further research will help identify which of the three will be the perfect partnership!

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