Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why Tiny House Living?

This is a question that I have been asked a lot lately. My initial reaction "because it is fun!" has seemed to immature to let escape my lips. However, a recent blog post from a dear friend of mine, Amanda Bradshaw, has so wonderfully articulated these child-hood feelings I feel it needs repeating.
DSCF0824-002In "Waking Up the Child Within"
(, Amanda shares a short list of her fond childhood memories. Memories that invoked "awe and wonder" resulting in the typical "radiating happiness" that we often see in innocent children.

Her short list, among other things, includes:
Playing board games with family members
Playing cards
Watching the clouds
Building an inside chair fort

Each of these examples perfectly matches the experiences one can savor while living in a Tiny House. The lofts are cozy and snug, just like those chair forts we use to make as children.
At bedtime in a Tiny House, the out of doors beacons one to step out to star gaze prior to crawling up to one's little loft, leaving one with a lingering sense of awe as they lull off to sleep.
Within a Tiny House, one would be remiss if a small portion of the valuable storage space was not set aside for a small game and craft cubby. Tiny Homes minimize our work and chore responsibility time resulting in more time for rest and relaxation. Board and card games are a great way to spend valuable time with your family in a Tiny House. So many life lessons can be modeled through family game play; patience, honesty, empathy, tolerance, and kindness are just a few.
Think about how healthier our planet and lives would be if everyone in the world had a solid foundation of patience, honesty, empathy, tolerance, and kindness to offer. Hum, sounds like some really great reasons for building your own Tiny House or finding a Tiny House Community to live in.

WHY would you live in a Tiny House if you could??? Write in and share your thoughts!



  1. Hi Heather,

    The reason I'm considering a tiny house is because we can't figure out where we want to live. A house on wheels solves the dilemma that's been bothering my head forever. Vermont? Oregon? Maine? And then where in those states? Originally I was looking for land, but it was too daunting to try to do a real estate search from a distance. I live in New Jersey right now and I want a big change, so the tiny home is a stepping stone.

    I have a question by the way. I like that you are planning to use solar panels and a wood stove. I was wondering what you plan to use for cooking. I am trying to find a balance between simplicity, sustainability and convenience.

    I would love to hear if you have thought this one out--what factors played into your decision.



    1. Hi Paula,

      You raise some great points. A tiny house does afford one many opportunities, whether it be location, land ownership status, lifestyle, etc. So many in fact, the process can appear quite daunting.

      I have yet to decide 'where' I want to finally settle my Tiny House (TH) long term. The exciting thing is that with a tiny house, like you mention, one can try out a variety of different options. I think when I finally settle in I will want to be part of a tiny house community. (Which do not really exist yet, but will soon be sprouting up throughout the country.)

      With my Strategic Planning background, I recommend consideration of these issues for your TH location:

      1. Identify what it is that you would like to do with your time, both personally and professionally.
      2. Consider what types of friendships are important to you and the type of social atmosphere you thrive in.
      3. Identify what are your distance requirements for services.
      4. To own or rent.

      Each of these factors, when combined, will assist you in determining the most ideal TH locations to try out.

      Your inquiry is an excellent topic for a blog post. So I will expand upon the four ideas above in my next post.

      Regarding my cooking. In the cooler months I intend to utilize my wood stove as much as possible for cooking and heating water. In the summer I have an outdoor gas grill for now, and eventually I want to build a cob/brick oven. Ideally I would like to utilize a small antique gas stove with 3 burners and a small oven, but I have not had much luck finding one as of yet :-)

      Paula, thank you for sharing your thoughts. One of the plethoras of reasons so many of us are excited about the TH Movement is because of all the opportunities it presents! With a little methodical and strategic planning the entire process can be turned from a bit daunting to very enjoyable and exciting.

      Good luck to you in your search. Please keep in touch!

  2. What I mean by stepping stone is that we have a place to live in, and we can rent land, and then buy land later, or just be mobile for a while first. I have thought we could live in the country and try living in town of my dilemmas was the pros and cons of town vs. country living. So we can try both with a portable house.

  3. Yes, a definite benefit of THs!