Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Raising the Walls...

Today was a very productive day in the MUM Tiny House Course. In the morning students reviewed yesterday's Tiny House Tours then engaged in shelter, architectural elements, iterative evolution, and design discussions. The morning was wrapped up with design time for students to begin sketching out their Tiny House design ideas. I can't wait to see them tomorrow!
After lunch the crew shed a few pounds elevating the North wall to mark the window cuts and then practiced 'plunge cuts' to clear the window framing. Students also had an opportunity to practice using the jig saw.
Once all three window frames were cut, the crew erected the north wall again and brought it outside to make way for creation of the floor plate in the shop tomorrow. It was strong work needing steady hands as the shop door was only 11'wide and the panel measured 12' wide. The crew needed to elevate the wall at a steep diagonal to carefully move it out the shop door. 
While the north wall was outside students worked at reinforcing mid-stud plywood seams with 1x3s affixed with a combination of glue and screws.
It is hard to believe that with only 3 hours of work we were able to completely conjoin the North wall and get it out the door to begin work on the floor plate! I can't wait until tomorrow...

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