Saturday, May 11, 2013

And The Winner Was... Part I

After several weeks of research, analysis, contemplation, and soul searching I decided to approach a local non-profit with a proposal for a year long, mutually beneficial partnership. This organization was not one that I had originally considered, but rather a new location that a couple of people had recommended to me sighting their need for some Strategic Planning, which is my background.
Preface: The non-profit I discovered is a group of enthusiastic individuals actively working to create communities that are: environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just places to live.  (Or so their website states.) One thing that really grabbed my attention was their vision statement:
To empower individuals and communities to live fully rooted in the abundant flows of natural systems via education, action, and partnership.

This non-profit had been around for nearly 10 years and had acquired a 10+ acre parcel of land just outside of Fairfield center. Research uncovered a Board of Directors consisting of prominent professionals who are all personally invested in the Sustainability Movement at regional, national, and international levels. After a few weeks of exchanging emails and ideas, we met over lunch.
The day of our meeting my stomach was churning with excitement all morning. On the agenda was talk of honey bees and my TH Project. We had a great lunch meeting and lively conversation centered around strategic planning, local and regional opportunities, and partnership. All very exciting stuff!
By the time our meeting ended we had mutually agreed that coupling their resources, reach, and opportunities with my Strategic Planning and Program Development background would result in a dynamic partnership poised to generate a plethora of regional Sustainability Programs and resources for individuals and businesses alike. Also part of our conversation was their possible interest in purchasing the TH from me at the end of my 12 month Senior Project, in the event they decided they would like it to permanently remain as part of their program. In closing we discussed the TH Wall Raising on their property for the coming week on a day we had previously secured for some press coverage.  When I left the meeting they were going to discuss who from their organization would be the spokesperson in a few days, as they had one board member that couldn't make it to our meeting.
Oh my goodness...there was so much to do!  

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