Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cooking in the MicroMansion...

The first couple weeks cooking took place on the outdoor grill and its side burner. During this time period I did quite a bit of online research for alternative cooking apparatuses.

I finally decided to purchase a sun oven. Since the sun oven was something that we would take with us to the Tiny House I opted for a sturdy, well reviewed sun oven opposed to the cheaper models. With some searching online at eBay, Amazon, and Craig's List I was able to find a new sun oven for 30% off including shipping.

Unless I have been experiencing it myself I would never have believed that cooking with the sun made food taste so much more wholesome, nutritious, and tasty. It is simply incredible.

Between the sun oven and the grill we are eating every type of meal we would have normally eaten in our big house, except for the fact that we are now eating mostly organic. I have been able to make pancakes, eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfasts. Dinner has included some yummy homemade stews, whole chicken meals followed by chicken soup, biscuits, brownies, pasta with meat sauce, garlic bread, casseroles, just to name a few!

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