Monday, October 27, 2014

More Widows Please!

The Micro Mansion has been wonderful as a temporary living space, especially with a few upgrades. In the living room and kitchen area I removed the two shop-type windows and installed two double-paned insulated storm windows. Along the back wall I installed a four foot window for the view and some cross ventilation. Finally, up in the lofts I installed two insulated windows for the light, the views, ventilation, and emergency egress should it ever be needed.

The original plan was to give each of the kids their own loft and I would sleep in the living room at night. My son wasn't fond of the lofts originally, but now that the windows have been installed he has agreed to move upstairs.

The picture above was taken after the loft windows were installed but before the insulation was installed and the walls/ceiling enclosed.

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