Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Time was Passing... I was collecting

Antique Wall Sconce for Oil Lamp
Even though I had a full time course load at MUM, and the kids were busy with school and various activities, I still continued to work on my Tiny House Project.

Frame for Pictures Doubles
as Fold-Down Table with
Recycled Glass Top -
Will fold up into wall
when not in use
Besides the actual construction of the structure, which was on hold through the Winter and rainy Spring months, Tiny Houses need a LOT of planning. The normal everyday functioning of a family still needs to occur in a Tiny House, so many functions need extensive planning and stacked into a smaller space.
Cool Old Door for Bathroom
Throughout the spring while I was not building, I was doing research on-line and shopping. My research online consisted of following the Tiny House Movement newsletters, blogs and magazines to collect interior structural ideas for stacking functions in small spaces. For instance a 3'x3' bathroom that is designed with a toilet, sink, and triples as a shower stall. I was also constantly searching through Craig's List and visiting our local ReStore for recycled materials of the Tiny House.

Little Bathroom Corner Shelf
Now with the temporary Micro-Mansion living arrangement, additional new projects and space-saving ideas were needed to make our temporary housing suitable. We needed a plan for food refrigeration, clothes washing, some type of power source, as well as water and bathing access.

Some of the systems we would design for the Micro-Mansion would be transferrable to the Tiny House, while others would be chalked up to experience.

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