Monday, October 27, 2014

Insulating the Floor in the Micro-Mansion

Since the micro-mansion's original framework was that of a shed, there was no subfloor created to install the insulation in. Even though the downstairs living area is only 6'6" I've decided to built a subfloor from the inside and up. 

I will lay the 2"x4" framework on top of the existing plywood floor then fill the newly made cavities with insulation prior to topping it off with a new subfloor. I will lose 4" in height but since we are all under 6' at this time it shouldn't be that much of a loss. 

Another option was to place the insulation on the underside to the micro-mansion, however it was important to keep the floor joists accessible for when the micro-mansion is placed on a trailer, which is the long-term plan. 

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