Monday, October 27, 2014

Installing the Shed Roof

Neighbor Tom helping raise the walls
The design of the shed roof was simple. There needed to be a roof to keep water out of the kitchen and stored items dry. In addition, since the structure was so long, it would be a good source for rain water collection.

The roof was designed with a 1' pitch from front to back to accommodate installation of a long gutter on the back of the shed for rain water catchment. The front 1' elevation box was built on the ground in two sixteen foot sections then elevated via ladder and nailed in place. Then 10' rafters were placed bridging the front and back framing for the roof. 

Purlins will be used to bridge the 2' wide spanse between rafters and to adhere the roofing. If I can find some recycled roofing material I would prefer to go with a metal roof. Especially since we will be harvesting rain water.

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