Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finances Force A Move

Last March the children and I were sitting in a little three bedroom home in the heart of Fairfield. It is amazing how nature can support your desires without you realizing what is happening! Due to circumstances beyond our control we needed to move out of our little three bedroom house. The move wasn't going to be that frightening because we had been planning all along to move once the Tiny House was finished, or close to being finished. 

As our move date of early June 2014 quickly approached, some creative problem solving needed to take place. We needed housing for a few months while the Tiny House was being built to the point where we could move in.

My new friend, Tom who I had begun an internship with, offered to lease me an acre of his newly purchased 5.5 acres out on Walton Road. This was wonderful only we did not have a structure to live in. One consideration was tenting for the summer, the kids and I are use to camping during the summer months so this would not have been that much of a hardship. However, as timing would have it in mid May, my internship at Farrer's Farm landed me in a Fairfield parking lot filled with pre-made sheds and outbuildings. Tom was interested in a shed for the farm to store tools and the like for all of the upcoming projects.

With a mere monthly rental rate of $136/mo. my mind began racing and I thought we could spend the summer in a rented outbuilding, delivered out on Walton Road, while the Heather's Tiny House was being built. The little 10'x16' tiny structure was quite a bit larger than any tent we would camp in and it had two lofts and two windows to boot!

Before I knew it the outbuilding was delivered and we were moving into our little "Micro-Mansion!"

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