Monday, October 27, 2014

The Outside Kitchen and Workshop

After living in the micro-mansion for going on 10 weeks now, it has become obvious that we need more family space for relaxing, playing games, and eating at a tale suitable for three-to-four people to sit comfortably at. This means some alterations within the main living area.

The kitchen is headed outside which will open up the second half of the downstairs for the wood stove (yes, it is starting to become chilly here in IA at night) and a fold down dinning table. 

In order to accommodate our space change I have designed and begun the framing for a nice sized shed just outside the micro-mansion. It is 8'x30' and has three divided bays. The first bay is 15' long and will house the outside kitchen and the workshop. The second bay which is just 5' will house the golf cart, which we use to get around the land and to carry things. The last shed bay, at 10' long, will hold storage so we can get rid of the storage unit we leased when we moved this summer. It will be nice to have the additional $85 back in our pockets each month! 

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